How to Choose the Best CBC Analyzer Machine?

A CBC Analyzer Machine is an automated system designed keeping in mind the need for efficient counting of the red blood cells, leukocytes, and the platelets in blood samples. Apart from simply counting and analyzing the cells, it also can detect the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Initially, in the traditional ways, the entire process of counting blood cells was quite tedious, inefficient, and unnecessarily time-consuming due to the manual need for analysis of each sample. With the coming of an Automated Blood Cell Counter, also known as the CBC Analyzer machine, the task has become a breeze-through enabling analysis of numerous samples within just a couple of hours.

A clinical laboratory and the doctors must be careful when choosing the right CBC Analyzer Machine. The higher the quality, the more accuracy is guaranteed. Let us see how we can find the best one.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing a CBC Analyzer Machine

When you are looking to select the best CBC Analyzer machine, you need to be completely aware of all the possible factors that must be ticked off to ensure the best quality. Some of those factors include:

1. Maintenance of Machines

An ideal and best CBC Analyzer machine would be less with advanced technology (like the Superior Pump) to ensure that it requires least amount of maintenance along with no regular calibrations and upgradation. This not only affects the overall cost but also improves the life of the machine.

2. Determining the Reagents

It is important to understand what all reagents are needed along with respective safety requirements to ensure the best results.

3. Range of tests and Parameters

It is possible that a simple CBC analyzer can only provide bare-minimum information. At the same time, a different CBC analyzer may allow deeper level tests with extended parameters. In fact, the best CBC analyzer machine is the one which has the higher number of parameters.

4. Accuracy and Precision

A fast-performing CBC analyzer is a must and therefore a machine with a higher degree of accuracy, precision, and linearity can be the best choice.

5. Automation level

The workflow of the machine is a prime aspect here. Along with that, it is quite necessary to ensure that the automated system can integrate with other systems smoothly.

6. Result storage and analysis

How the results are stored, to what extent, and for how long is a great factor in deciding the best quality machine.

7. Sample size and microsampling

The machine that allows the best sample size to fit is the best CBC Analyzer machine.

8. Maintenance

It is important to keep a machine updated and cleaned. To ensure that it is important to ask the salesperson to help you out with making the right decisions.

9. Open/closed tube sampling

It is great if the machine has a closed tub sampling as it can then prevent outright exposure of the blood sample and prevent any external entity from impacting the sample adversely.

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Other Factors to keep in Mind

1. Choose the right brand

A machine bought from a well known and trusted brand ensures a higher quality deliverance.

2. Determining Features

Every CBC analyzer machine has its own set of features, some of which coincide with others while the others set it apart. The decision depends greatly on the testing requirements. It is always better to look at all the features before making a decision. Few such effective features would be accuracy and results’ consistency all in the matter of minimum time deliverance.

3. Finding the Right Supplier

The right supplier is always more cooperative when it comes to making the right choice especially due to their expertise in the dealing of medical instruments.

4. Space constraints

If you a machine in mind make sure you know if it will fit the place properly. Making a choice accordingly would go a long way to a great set of results.

5. Budget

One of the things to cause a major roadblock is a budget. Some machines are prime quality with a well-known brand on it and the cost tag with an overpriced budget.

There are a few possible features of additions in the machine that might help you make your mind sooner. These include an auto-sampler for sample management, a methodological system of creating slides for a smeared testing, a CRP for quick testing of inflammation, better user experience with touch screen, and so on.

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Studying, understanding, and diagnosing over CBC analyzer machines is not something to compromise over. It is a combination of precision, accuracy, reliability, and optimum handling. Places like clinics, hospitals, private labs, and doctor centers require premium quality of testing with quick WBC and CBC analysis and results. It is all about finding the right fit that offers all the best benefits within the best price range. It is necessary for a buyer to be aware of long-term benefits as well before buying. If every single factor in the pre-buy checklist ticks out, then you have to yourself the best CBC Analyzer Machine right in your vicinity to buy.

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