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Eurocount 5L Five Part Hematology Analyzer

  • 5 Part (Upto 7 part) Hematology analyzer including 28 parameters, 2 Histograms and 2 scattergrams
  • Dedicated PC based processing for unparalleled efficiency
  • Standard 5 part differential + 2 research parameters (Atypical Lymphocytes and Immature Granulocytes)
  • Two test modes - Choose between CBC or CBC+5diff mode
  • Throughput of 60 samples per hour
  • 3-D topographic maps for WBC
  • Laser Scatter Technology for highest accurary and precision
  • Constant Linear Sheath fluid for reliability in results and differentiation of cells
  • Integral Titanium incubation system for improved thermal management
  • Remote access for providing 1st line of support on an early basis
  • Dedicated PC allows unparalleled possibilities for use of different printers.
  • LIS interface with HL7 protocol
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Best Way to Take Blood Test Results from CBC Analyzer

Blood Testing is a very common way of finding anomalies and diagnosing problems in an individual. Having any kind of symptom, a patient is always suggested a blood test as it analyzes the body from the point of blood cells.

This is because every part of our body consists of following blood vessels and since every small issue can be diagnosed from it, it is considered basic as well as one of the most accurate methodologies of finding the cause of any problem.

If the blood test does not reveal a sure cause that is when more complicated testing procedures are recommended. But a CBC Analyzer is one such automated blood testing machine that can answer most of your questions. Let’s see what this is and how we can achieve those blood test results.

Introduction to CBC Analyzer

CBC, Complete Blood Count, is the method by which counting, analyzing, and studying the pattern of blood cells reveal paramount results in blood to diagnose a cause of concern.

Detailed analysis of blood cell components is carried out through systematically carried out testing procedures with the help of an automated machine for faster processing: CBC Analyzer, also called Hematology Analyzer.

When going for the testing of CBC, the primary objective to analyze the components and measure the concentration of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets within the blood.

You can go for a basic blood test that carries out the common analysis which is also called the three-part differential. At the same time, carrying out a more thorough and in-depth analysis of the blood to open up deeper possibilities of the result is called a five-part differential. Both study some very specific types of blood cells.

A CBC Test report highlights the details of analysis in the form of shape, special features, size, and relevant numerical that deal with all the solid elements in the blood.

This provides you the morphological characteristics, physical features, and proportion of the cellular components of the blood. A CBC Analyzer is one such machine that can carry out all these tests and display results quickly and efficiently to ensure that multiple tests can be carried out within a single day. This is the best machine to take the manual workload off of the clinical testing team.

Let us know more about the CBC test results.

Why CBC Test is necessary?

There may be many reasons why your doctor may prescribe the Complete Blood Cells Test.

1. To review the complete health

It is advised that a person should go for CBC testing after a certain duration even without any symptoms to ensure that all is well and to diagnose any condition that might be at a starting stage. This will enable detection and prevention early on.

2. To carry out a diagnosis

In the case where you are experiencing symptoms such as bleeding, fever, fatigue, and so on, the CBC testing may help you diagnose the cause for this and get you relevant help for treatment.

3. To monitor the existing condition

In case you had symptoms and you already have been diagnosed with some blood-related problems that affect the blood cell count, then this test will be able to help you keep a track of your condition and monitor its progress towards recovery.

4. To monitor proper treatments

If you are undergoing any treatment and are recommended certain medications that can help you align your blood cell count, then this test is the best way to analyze if the treatment is affecting correctly as they were meant to.

How to Achieve Blood Test Results?

A CBC analyzer when produced with a blood sample, studies the underlying components of the blood, and evaluate properties of cellular components. After this, the results achieved are in the form of numbers indicating a value that can be compared with a defined set of ranges for normal.

In case the value produced is less than the normal range, then there is a problem. In the same way, if the result is higher than the normal range then also the result might indicate a problem.

The combination of all results studied and analyzed by a doctor can depict what kind of a problem that is. It could be as simple as infection, anemia, or as deadly as cancer.

In some cases, when the tests do not reveal a good result, thorough processing is needed and other tests apart from the blood test are recommended.

In the case of the Red Blood cell test, the values of RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV, MCH, RDW, and Reticulocyte Count are provided with their ideal values in conventional and SI units.

In the case of white blood cells, WBC, WBC differential, Neu, PMN, polys, Lymph, Mono, Eos, and Baso are calculated. In the case of platelets, Pit, MPV, and PDW are calculated. In all these cases, if you have achieved a certain value, check if they are in range. If not, then the doctor can help you determine the issue.


There are many CBC Analyzer machines in the market today. But finding the best one to provide you the most accurate result in the least time with the greatest efficiency is difficult. For different purposes, there are different machines.

For example, for the small labs and clinics that carry out small-scale testing at their centers, EuroCount TS Three-Part Hematology Analyzers are the best option. For centers desiring to do a large number of samples for 3 part Hematology analysis, Eurocount Plus is the ideal option with speed up to 80 tests per hour.

For the centers that have the complete testing facility and even large hospitals that can carry out special tests, EuroCount 5L Five-Part Hematology Analyzers are some of the best choices considering the need for 5 part differential count.

By looking at the benefits of certain machines, you can analyze which machine will carry out the tests in your scope and which ones will display results that can be analyzed by your centers and officials. Based on that, selecting the best CBC Analyzer would yield the greatest benefits.

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