Clinical Chemistry
U-RA Semi Automated Analyzer
  • WIDE ANALYTICAL MODE :U-RA can perform End-point, Two-point, Kinetic, Bichromatic, with or without reagent blank, sample blank and Multistandard Tests.
  • OPEN SYSTEM : Any reagent can be programmed on the analyzer.
  • WIDE WAVELENGTH RANGE :U-RA has safe and durable 6 high quality filters covering a wide spectrum of 340nm -700 nm i.e 340, 405, 500, 546, 578,620nm plus two vacant positions for additional / optional filters.
  • ONLINE GRAPHICS:U-RA shows on-line graphs for all assays in real-time mode on a large display
  • PELTIER CONTROLED :The peltier in UR-A allows tests to be performed at 25°C, 30°C & 37°C.
  • ON BOARD THERMAL PRINTER :U-RA has on-board high speed thermal printer that allows to take instant printout of the repor ts.
  • INCUBATOR :External Optional incubator can be attached
  • SIMPLE OPERATION :U-RA is designed for simplicity with intuitive user friendly software. Practically no training is required to operate the analyzer. U-RA has wide Abs range i.e. -0.500-3.000Abs which is Membrane Keyboard required for complete biochemistry range to do all the in-vitro biochemical Tests.
  • LOW FLOW CELL VOLUME :U-RA requires only 30l Flow Cell volume with long life and durable Flow Cell made up of quar tz/stainless steel.
  • LARGE MEMORY :U-RA can store up to 60 Test Programs and has a Huge Memory to store 2000 Tests Results.


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