Fluorescence Microscopes
Our Fluorescence microscopes are based on LED Technology. LED offers a much higher consistency in quality than Mercury Vapour lamp, has a lower cost of ownership, is safer, convenient and environmentally friendly.
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Fluorescence Microscopes
  • Ayrus Epi

      Ayrus Epi

      • A world class LED based Fluorescence Microscope completely validated for AFB TB detection, Autoimmune Diagnostics, Skin/Renal Pathology based on Direct Fluorescence as well as other applications.
      • Available for Blue, Green, Violet and UV range filter sets
      • Autoimmunity Solution provided with Highest Quality onsite training on Autoimmune Diagnostics including pattern identification, pattern interpretation, significance of specific serological markers, test protocol etc.
      • Access to multiple technical inputs including pattern atlases, training slides, sample bank, scientific papers, microscope validation, guidelines for testing etc.
      • Special Fluorescence adaptation with 40x Fluor Plan Objective
      • Comprehensive product range available including IFA, LIA and ELISA.
      • Reference material, International Quality assurance programs as well as Automation solutions for IFA and ELISA.
      • Complimentary testing for discrepant results.
      • Post technical support for instrument, applications and pattern identification.
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