What is U-RA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer?

What is Clinical Chemistry Analyzer?

A biochemistry analyzer, also known as the semi-automatic clinical chemistry analyzer, measures the metabolites present in the collected biological sample of blood, urine, plasma, CSF or other body fluids. Many diseases can be diagnosed when the study and measurement of analytes in body fluids are carried out. This instrument processes such body fluids (e.g. serum from centrifuged blood samples) and carries out chemical reactions with the associated reagents. This enables the measurement of proteins, enzymes, substrates and so on in the sample.

The tests above are performed in hospitals and labs as routine tests for a health checkup or for diagnostic workups. The results are in the form of objective data that enables early diagnosis and detection of any diseases. The results also indicate the proper effects of the patient prognosis and the treatment. 

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How does URA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Work?

The samples accepted by the URA Biochemistry Analyzer are a body fluids such as a blood sample or just a urine sample etc. that can be used. 

Certain reactions are induced in the reaction cell consisting of a sample and reagent. This process is carried out at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. 

In this photometer, a light is shined through a certain sample and the amount of transmission is measured electrically. A to D converts are used to convert the electronic data gathered into numerical data calculated by the CPU. The results obtained are the output. 

Key Features

  1. Open system with any programmable reagent
  2. Has a wide analytical mode
  3. Has a wide wavelength range
  4. Online graphics for assays in real-time mode
  5. Wide absorbance rage
  6. Low flow cell volume
  7. Large memory for storage of results
  8. Super easy to use and maintain
  9. Operated in dual-mode having dual reliability
  10. On-board thermal printer
  11. An external incubator can be attached as an option
  12. User-friendly software with membrane keyboard

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Medsource Ozone provides Best Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Medsource Ozone has been deeply involved in the enhancements of the industry for a long time now and their knowledge and hard work towards proceeding the sector through state-of-the-art machinery and technological practices is unequaled. This is evident with the prime collection of the latest Semi-Automatic URA Biochemistry Analyzers provisioned for the use of numerous laboratory technicians for hospitals and labs.

It has all the features of a good analyzer and is pre-programmed for Ozone Clinical Chemistry. It is a robust machine designed for Indian Conditions primarily. This is, at present, the most economical high-quality analyzer in the market with low-cost consumables and spares. It has the least service requirement such that less than 2% of instruments require spares in the first 3 years of use.

In the end, this analyzer has proved itself with its best delivery results as proven by the top reviews of the clinical and lab technicians. With Medsource Ozone putting all efforts into enabling fast delivery and receiving to the labs and clinics, this clinical chemistry analyzer is a great and reliable choice.

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