AFT 2000

The Autoimmune Fast Track, better known as the AFT2000®, is a reliable pipetting robot that can automate the entire line of Immuno Concepts’ slide and Elisa based assays.  Its precision, accuracy and tracking capabilities come together to minimize errors, optimize traceability and provide consistent results while freeing the technologist up to perform other tasks.  Each instrument is customized based on the customer’s needs, and thoroughly checked to ensure that liquid pipetting is accurate and precise.

The AFT2000® platform is extremely flexible for defining areas and for programming protocols, and allows for up to 8 different tests to be run at the same time.  Immuno Concepts’ entire line of slide based assays can be run together on the AFT2000®.

The AFT2000® also comes with our newly released CCX software that features top notch graphics and is incredibly user-friendly.  In order to streamline your laboratory’s ANA testing procedures, the AFT2000® has the capability to communicate with the Image Navigator® to avoid dual entry.

The AFT2000® is currently offered with two different configuration options, one designed to meet the needs of laboratories running high volumes on one or two specific assays, and one designed to offer more flexibility for running lower volumes on several different assays at the same time.

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