Arthritis LIA

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common form of inflammatory joint disease affecting approximately 1 % of the worldwide adult population. Particularly in the early stages the diagnosis of the disease is difficult and efficient diagnostic tools are urgently needed.

IMTEC-Arthritis-LIA allows the determination of all relevant antibodies and is therefore a powerful tool for the diagnosis of RA.
Assay highlights:
  • Multiplexed assay for diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple autoantibodies for RA and associated disorders
  • Inclusion of RA33 for improved sensitivity of RA
  • Possible to run single test at a time with no special equipment required
  • Inbuilt cutoff control for improved validation
  • CE IVD, CDSCO licensed assay
Key autoantibodies detected include:
ACPA (Citrullinated proteins/Anti CCP)
ACPA antibodies are widely used in clinical practice as part of the ACR criteria (American College of Rheumatology) for RA.
The use of IMTEC-Arthritis-LIA with four selected CP4 peptides allows a specific ACPA determination.
RF (Rheumatoid factors)
The major isotype in rheumatoid arthritis is IgM. RF-IgM can be detected in 70-80% of RA patients with established disease and in
17% of patients with early stage RA.
The determination of RA33 specific antibodies increases the diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity of RA diagnosis. RA33 autoantibodies
are independent from RF and ACPA contribution to the disease. As with ACPA and RF, anti-RA33 antibodies may be present in the
initial stages of the disease. Additionally, the occurrence of RA33 specific antibodies is correlated to a mild disease progression.
Anti-nuclear antibodies
RA diagnosis is supported by the ANA parameters dsDNA, SS-A and SS-B for differential diagnoses.
SS-A antibodies are found in up to 15% of RA patients.


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