Humablot 44FA

The compact fully automated LIA Processing System performs the identification and dilution of samples, addition of the reagents, incubation and required washing steps. The incubated LIA strips are automatically dried and images are captured by the onboard camera. The images are then evaluated using the inbuilt software which can be connected bidirectionally to a laboratory information system (LIS) as well. The key features of the analyzer include:

  • Ability to perform up to 44 tests simultaneously
  • Fully automated processing of all LIA assays with minimal manual effort
  • Precision and reproducibility from the first incubation step to the recording of images
  • Flexible system allowing the combination of different tests in one run
  • Automated identification of sample barcodes for traceability
  • User-friendly graphical interface and low- maintenance  hardware
  • Comprehensive on site training, application and service support through our regional and national support teams
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