Humalyte 3

·         Easy set-up of instrument parameters
·         Stand-by mode to save reagents 
·         Parameters Sodium, Potassium, Chloride or Lithium
·         Sample Type Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood (Vacutainer, Syringe)
·         Secondary Urine (Manual pre-dilution required)
·         Calibration Automatic 2-point calibration
·         User selectable intervals of 1-4 hours
·         1-point calibration with each sample
·         Idle in STANDBY MODE (i.e. no calibration)
·         LCD Screen Transreflective with LED Back Light
·         Thermal Printer 32 characters per lines
·         RS232 Serial Interface ASTM protocol
·         Bar Code Reader Port RS232 type bar code scanner
·         On-Board QC 7 different controls
·         On-Board Storage Last 250 patient samples
·         Data Power Protection Time, date, last 2-point calibration parameters

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