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Ozocycler Neo Real Time PCR Instrument

  • Highest quality Ferrotec Peltier for unsurpassable thermal performance.
  • Unique bottom detection technology shortens the light length and improves sensitivity.
  • Long Life LED excitation needs no maintenance or preheating.
  • Available with multi filters and 10 dyes designed for clinical diagnostics application.
  • Low to Medium throughput with up to 48 tests performed in one go.
  • No spectral cross talk-superior multiplexing.
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What is a Real-Time PCR Machine?

The machine Real-time PCR can also be referred to as Quantitative PCR (abbreviated qPCR). This is a machine that has been specifically designed and developed for the detection of nucleic acid and DNA/RNA expression in the sample collected. It ensures that the complete detection process is carried out rapidly, efficiently, and precisely to get accurate results in a short span.

In the conventional PCR system, it was designed for the detection of the amplified DNA product (amplicon) in an end-point analysis while in the modern real-time PCR machine the measurement of the amplification product accumulation is carried out through reaction progression happening in real-time. It also quantifies the product after each cycle. The actual advantage real-time has over conventional is the determination of template DNA copies with precision. It can be carried out qualitatively and quantitatively. qPCR is the quantitative PCR machine that calculates the number of an initial number of copies. Let us see how this machine works.

How does Real-Time PCR Machine work?

Firstly, it is necessary to gather the right sample for the quantification of gene expression. The sample should be as homogenous as possible for DNA/RNA isolation. Though in the case of many different cell types, pinpointing a specific expression is difficult. In the case of a heterogeneous sample, it is easier to just separate the various cell types.

The function of the qPCR machine involves utilizing the fluorescent light-emitting indicators to make a copy of the number of labeled DNA at proportional intensities. This fluorescent indicator may be one of the two types, a dye or a probe. Fluorescent dyes that bind the double standards DNA are preferred here due to them being less expensive and easier to use than the probes. Though probes have a multiplexing advantage overdyes.

The real-time PCR machine has a thermal cycler consisting of an optical detection module that measures the fluorescent signals generated in the process of each amplification cycle. This is the quantification needed in the qPCR machine that is collected and measured for results.

Key features for a good Real-Time PCR Machine

The key features that an ideal Real-Time PCR Machine must have for it to work to its optimum potential are:

1. Having suitable throughput: Generally, most labs require only a few samples to be tested together. A system capable of handling up to 40-50 tests per run should be considered for most labs.

2. Availability of multiple filters and consisting of 10 dyes that are designed for clinical diagnostics application. Especially for multiplexing, this is important.

3. Consisting of long-life LED and its excitation needs negligible maintenance or even preheating.

4. Having a good detection technology that improves sensitivity and shortens the light length.

5. Having no spectral cross talk-superior multiplexing

6. Consisting of the highest quality Peltiers for unparalleled thermal performance.

Medsource Ozone provides the best Real-Time PCR Machine

Medsource Ozone has been dedicatedly involved in the improvements of the industry for a long time now and their experience and sincerity towards advancing the sector through state-of-the-art machinery and technological practices are unrivaled. This is evident with the best collection of the latest Real-Time PCR Machines provisioned for the use of numerous laboratory technicians and clinical labs for their use.

When looking for the right system, a technician looks for the one that is easy to use, flexible, dependable, and not very expensive. All of these qualities are what one can find in the collection of Medsource Ozone’s machines. But on the most important criteria of selection should be the Comprehensive Solution Factor. This means that an ideal supplier like Medsource Ozone offers a qPCR system with:

1. Reliable and high-quality PCR machine

2. An instrument with 4 or more colors as standard

3. Full range of assays compatible with the qPCR

4. Full range of extraction solution suitable for performing different assays

5. Comprehensive offsite and onsite training for running qPCR operations and interpreting results

6. Post-sales service support

7. Post-sales application support

8. Support for lab design, accessories, and supporting equipment

Since Medsource offers this all, it is considered one of the best suppliers for Real-Time PCR Machine.

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