Clinical Chemistry
Csense 100 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

• Fully Automated, Random Access Analyzer for Biochemistry & Immunoturbidimetry
• Throughput of 100-120 tests/hour in 1 or 2 reagent assays
• Innovative drawer-style reagent & sample unit with on-board cooling and on-line inventory management
• 50 reagent positions and 22 sample positions which can be integrated up to 71 positions each
• Multi-functional probe for Aspiration, Dispensing, Mixing , Level Sensing and Collision Protection
• 48  reusable reaction cuvettes
• Equipped with 8 on-board wavelengths
• Automatic 6 stage laundry makes it a true-walk-away system with an ability to handle a high work load
• Extremely compact footprint to save lab space
• Offered with a range of Ozosense system packs with excellent onboard performance
• Extremely powerful yet easy to use software 

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