Electrolyte Analysis
Our Electrolyte analyzers are designed for medium and high workload labs, hospitals and ICUs and are FDA approved/CE Marked. Based on Direct ISE method, these are by far the most accurate devices available on the market today.
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Electrolyte Analysis
  • Ozolyte Electrolyte Analyzer

      Ozolyte Electrolyte Analyzer

      • Direct ISE based analyzer-Reference method.
      • Maintenance Free Electrodes - The very best available worldwide!
      • Highest accuracy – US FDA / CE approved.
      • Septum Technology for reduced service/maintenance requirements.
      • User adjustable calibration cycles from 1 – 12 hours.
      • Standby mode to save reagents.
      • Possibility to use Serum, Plasma, CSF, Whole Blood or Urine samples.
      • Ready to Install Reagent Packs with Reagent Management System thus reduced inventory.
      • Bar coding with LIS connectivity.
      • Automatic Plotting of L-J Graphs.
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