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Csense 200 CD Next Generation Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with Clot Detection

  • High constant throughput of 200 tests/hour
  • On board laundry, on board refrigeration for long running hours
  • Clot detection for best in class automation performance with direct use of primary tubes
  • Large number of sample/reagents for trouble free operation
  • Designed to operate in high workload settings
  • Large menu of CS200 system packs

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Automated Biochemistry Machine

What is an Automated Biochemistry Machine?

Traditional biochemistry analysers are typically photometers requiring the sample identification, reagents addition, sample addition, mixing, incubation etc. manually with absorbance taken on a photometer.

Initially, such tests were carried out manually by lab technicians and biochemistry analyzers. But this task became quite tedious and time-consuming while not allowing more than a few samples to be tested each day. With a need of improved accuracy, reduced turn around time and traceable operator independent results, a need for automation was recognized and a machine was devised.

The machine that makes this task easier is the Automated Biochemistry analyser. This instrument carries out the manual task of an analyzer quickly and efficiently making it possible for numerous samples to be tested each day.

Working behind Automated Biochemistry Machine

The automated biochemistry machine is often used to measure the concentration of various enzymes, electrolytes, drugs, proteins, or metabolites. These can be filtered and calculated from the provided sample of blood, mucus, serum, plasma, urine, and so on. The machine has a provision of a tray where the provided sample is loaded to be tested. This tray is called a sample tray.

There is another tray called a reaction tray. The machine consists of a medical dispenser that separates a small amount of sample and pushes it into the reaction tray. Certain reagents stored in the machine are released into the reaction tray while on the other side, the medical dispenser is rinsed with water to enable a new portion of the sample to have a clean slate. The combination of regent and sample in the reaction tray is then sent over to either the flow cell or the calorimeter to measure the absorbance. This way the automated biochemistry machine is used for concentration analysis.

Key Features of a General Automated Biochemistry Machine

  1. Easy to use with a navigational user-friendly system
  2. Automatic washing of sample and reagent trays after every inclusion
  3. Random access to reports is available on-screen directly
  4. Reagent and sample mixing process is independent of the machine
  5. Consumption of water is quite low
  6. Provisions of alert notifications in case of abnormality during tests
  7. Reliable cooling system to main reagent tray temperature
  8. Works well with OS Windows

Medsource Ozone’s Next Generation Automated Biochemistry Machine

Medsource Ozone has been diligently working in the sector to technologically improve the testing procedures and systems by automating the processes. At present, the latest development of the automated biochemistry machine is the Csense 200CD Next Generation Analyzer with Clot Detection. It can take care of a large number of samples/reagents for a trouble-free operation. It is designed to work well and dedicatedly in high workload settings as well as have a constant throughput of 200 tests/hour. It has a large menu of CS200 systems packs to improve the readability of the results. It consists of onboard laundry and refrigeration for long running hours. The clot detection operation is the best in this machine due to high performance with the direct use of primary tubes.

This machine has been remarked as the best and most highly efficient analyzer by various clinical testers and lab technicians along with many more positive reviews. With Medsource Ozone at the helm, the automated biochemistry machine would prove to be one of the most reliable machines for the analysis of samples in the near future.

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