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Eurocount 5L Autoloader Five Part Hematology Analyzer

5 Part (Upto 7 part) Hematology analyzer including 28 parameters, 2 Histograms and 2 scattergrams
Onboard 50 tubes autoloader with continuous loading
Onboard multidirection barcode reader
Onboard cap piercing and inbuilt blood mixer 
Stat priority testing for emergency sample
Dedicated PC based processing for unparalleled efficiency
Standard 5 part differential + 2 research parameters (Atypical Lymphocytes and Immature Granulocytes)
Two test modes - Choose between CBC or CBC+5diff mode
Throughput of 60 samples per hour
3-D topographic maps for WBC
Laser Scatter Technology for highest accurary and precision
Constant Linear Sheath fluid for reliability in results and differentiation of cells
Integral Titanium incubation system for improved thermal management
Remote access for providing 1st line of support on an early basis
Dedicated PC allows unparalleled possibilities for use of different printers.
LIS interface with HL7 protocol
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