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Eurocount Plus High Throughput Three Part Hematology Analyzer

  •     High throughput of 80 tests per hour
  •     Automatic sample rotor (For dust proof sampling)
  •     Power Adaptor based system for high reliability
  •     Maintenance free Vacuum Pump technology
  •     Unique Patented 3 stage cleaning with aperture burn technology
  •     New Additional parameters – PLCC and PLCR
  •     Modern Hardware with USB support
  •     Low Sample Volume of 25ul
  •     Onboard printer, External Printer connectivity
  •     Liquid Valve technology for trouble free valve operations
  •     Online Reagent Inventory
  •     Large memory of 10,000 test results
  •     New Feature - Only WBC/Hb Mode with 15% cost saving now possible


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Which is the Best Hematology Analyzer Machine?

When you think about getting a blood test done to gather a relevant diagnosis of a problem, you need a piece of reliable testing equipment to provide an efficient and accurate report. This blood test involves counting of blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets). While traditional methods involved manual testing of each blood sample, times have changed where new equipment is taking over the tedious manual tasks with the coming of technological evolution. 

The Hematology Analyzer Machine is the latest invention that has changed the way a blood sample is tested. It has proven to be simpler, quicker, efficient, and accurate, more than any other process. It allows for numerous samples to be tested in a flash therefore generating multiple patients’ reports each day through the result. When you are trying to find the best Hematology Analyzer, you need to look at the Eurocount TS machine to receive the complete satisfaction of buying the right one.

Eurocount TS: Introduction and Features

The Eurocount TS is the next generation in the Automated Hematology Analyzers that is quite in the works today. It has been gaining tremendous popularity with the integration of the new technological advancements. It has the best-in-class touch screen operation, superb accuracy, and ultra-reliability factors to keep a lookout for. Alongside, it also has an on-board thermal printer and other cool features. Some of those features in crux are:

  1. Cyanide-free reagents
  2. Integrated statistics and QC program
  3. Maintenance-free vacuum program
  4. Automatic calibration
  5. USB printer interface
  6. Inbuilt thermal printer
  7. Automatic sample rotor
  8. Colour touch screen
  9. Automatic sample dilution
  10. Only 25 microliters sample volume
  11. Online status for reagent and waste
  12. 1000 result memory with plot histograms
  13. External barcode reader

Eurocount TS has a high-reliability factor with its patented burn cleaning technology, new power supply management, and maintenance-free parts. It has the greatest 3 system line reagents including Eurocount TS DILUENT, Eurocount TS LYSE CF, and Eurocount TS CLEANER.

Eurocount TS Technology

There are four power systems upon which Eurocount TS operates. These are as follows:

1. Sampling Technology

It has a sample rotor to incorporate sample vials, cups, tubes, and so on where sample aspirations can be performed. This ensures that the analyzer is safe to use along with taking care of the entire blood sample handling within the analyzer itself. It is also safe for the Indian environment so the samples do not get affected.

2. Superior Pump Technology

These pumps are superior and do not need as much maintenance as the traditional systems. It also has a better life span along with the accurate volume deliverance without the need for calibration.

3. Power Adapter

Unlike the case of traditional analyzers with Switch Mode Power Supply, modern analyzers use high-quality new and superior power system with external power adapter. This benefits in the way that It cancels out the external noise and also helps reduce the cost of repair for the electrical disturbances damage.

4. Electronics

The final product of today includes the latest technology manufacturing equipment, low voltage boards, automated assembly of ICs, and reduced energy consumption. 

5. Powerful Touch Screen

When an easy-to-use system is in hand that requires little to no training, then the analyzer operation becomes more fruitful. A powerful touchscreen-based operating system helps with self-help, self-testing, recall of old results, and user maintenance among other things.

6. USB Port

Provision of front and back side USB ports permit the complete access to connectivity points with software upgradeability and the ability to back-up data. It also offers connecting ports for printers. This modern hardware ensures the best-in-class provisions to the Eurocount TS system.


Eurocount TS is a three-part hematology analyzer that makes use of unique patented 3-stage cleaning technology, liquid valve technology, online reagent inventory, PLCC and PLCR for better platelet estimation, and the option of both on-board and external printer. All in all, every piece of technology and every bit of provision and feature within the Eurocount TS Hematology Analyzer machine makes it one of the best-automated blood cell counter machines. 

When you need to look for a reliable technology to aid your struggles in the clinic, labs, hospitals, etc. for blood testing, you need to study up on the requirements for your testing lab, and based on the selection criteria, shortlist one that suits the most. In case you are not sure, then Eurocount TS is an ultimate all-rounder to help you make your jobs easier. All you have to do is find out the best place to study on it. The above account might help you some. Rest you can browse through with the online reviews. Definitely worth it.

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