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Nanosign Malaria Antigen Pf/Pv POCT

  • Premium Malaria Antigen Test Device in Single Test Pack
  • Packed in a box with Pricker (lancet), Swab, Loop (Sample collector), Buffer and Kit insert
  • Three Bands – Pf/pan/control
  • Detects all 4 species for Malaria – Pf/Pv/Po/Pm
  • Use of pLDH offers highest specificity – Suitable for Blood Banks
  • Detection limit of 50 parasites/ul
  • Separate Band for differentiation of p.falciparum Malaria and pan Malaria
  • Use of pLDH means almost no cross reaction with Rheumatoid Factor
  • Ideal for individual use, low workload customers, military hospitals etc.
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