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URA Semi Automated Analyzer

  • WIDE ANALYTICAL MODE :URA can perform End-point, Two-point, Kinetic, Bichromatic, with or without reagent blank, sample blank and Multistandard Tests.
  • OPEN SYSTEM : Any reagent can be programmed on the analyzer.
  • WIDE WAVELENGTH RANGE :U-RA has safe and durable 6 high quality filters covering a wide spectrum of 340nm -700 nm i.e 340, 405, 500, 546, 578,620nm plus two vacant positions for additional / optional filters.
  • ONLINE GRAPHICS:U-RA shows on-line graphs for all assays in real-time mode on a large display
  • PELTIER CONTROLED :The peltier in URA allows tests to be performed at 25°C, 30°C & 37°C.
  • ON BOARD THERMAL PRINTER :URA has on-board high speed thermal printer that allows to take instant printout of the reports.
  • INCUBATOR :External Optional incubator can be attached
  • SIMPLE OPERATION :URA is designed for simplicity with intuitive user friendly software. Practically no training is required to operate the analyzer. URA has wide Abs range i.e. -0.500-3.000Abs which is Membrane Keyboard required for complete biochemistry range to do all the in-vitro biochemical Tests.
  • LOW FLOW CELL VOLUME :URA requires only 30u­l Flow Cell volume with long life and durable Flow Cell made up of quar tz/stainless steel.
  • LARGE MEMORY :U-RA can store up to 60 Test Programs and has a huge memory to store 2000 tests results.
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What is a Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer?

A Biochemistry Analyzer is a clinical chemical analyzer machine that measures the components within a collected biological sample consisting of blood, urine, plasma, and so on. While initially, this process was carried out manually by lab technicians and analysts, it gradually became tedious enough to cause hindrances. To avoid the delay in delivering test results for each sample, the need for an analyzing machine was registered. Technology gave way to an Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer.

This machine enables the diagnosis of diseases and the potential cause of issues and symptoms in the human body. There might be different variants of the analyzer each of which needs to be studied and the needs realized to recognize which level of automation is required for the analyzer. Here, we are considering the Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer.

How does Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers Work?

Semi-Automated Biochemistry Analyzers work based on two measurement methods: optical techniques and electrochemical techniques. The working is similar to that of the Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzers. The main difference is that Semi-Automatic analyzers are more practical for use in smaller laboratories and medical practices. This is due to it being able to handle a lower number of samples at a time as compared to the fully automatic one.

For this, the samples and reagents are not pre-prepared and stored but set up separately each time a test is conducted. That is why it is Semi-Automatic. Though this slows the process of testing as a whole it has a great benefit as it provides tremendous flexibility when the type of tests differs making the reagents vary each time.

Though in either case, a Semi-Automatic biochemistry analyzer follows the Colorimetry, Photometry, and Absorbance principles for working under the optical techniques. While it follows the working of direct potentiometry and indirect potentiometry principles under the category of electrochemical techniques. To understand if a Semi-Automatic analyzer meets your needs, you need to choose a measurement technique, operation method, device rate required, sample status, and reagent management to understand the need.

Key Features

1. Flow cell and cuvette modes must be there to ensure all types of tests can be done.

2. Onboard reaction curve to monitor results for different parameters.

3. Multiple filters for different applications

4. Simple user interface for ease of use

5. Auto-save functionality for measurements in the case of power-off

6. It can store up to 500 test samples and around 10000 test results

7. It has many print and store methods for results and report generation

Principle Behind the Working of Chemistry Analyzer

The chemistry analyzer or the semi-automated biochemistry analyzer work on the principle of filter photometry. The working of this principle is as follows:

1. A light source such as halogen lamp is taken that emits light.

2. This light is then made to pass through a convex lens because the light rays converge into a single beam.

3. In the flow cell of the chemistry analyzer, the sample to be tested is kept. The beam of converged light is passed through this sample.

4. The sample absorbs certain light energy as per its behavior. At the same time, some amount of light remains unabsorbed.

5. The remaining light not absorbed is then made to pass through a color filter screen called as an interference filter to convert the light in to a single wavelength or narrow wavelength bandwidth.

6. Followed by this, the light falls on the photodetector after which it is converted to the electrical energy for the microprocessor.

In this process, the amount of light absorbed and other characteristics are calculated to measure the value of the analyte desirable to be estimated in patient sample. The chemistry analyzer then works on the measured values to find the possible issues with the sample on the basis of the result generated.

Medsource Ozone provides Best Semi-Automated Biochemistry Analyzers

Medsource Ozone has been involved in the improvements of the industry for a long time now and their experience and hard work towards advancing the sector through state-pf-the-art machinery and technological practices is unparalleled. This is evident with the best collection of the latest Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers provisioned for the use of numerous laboratory technicians for their labs.

This machinery is Semi-Automatic, bench-type that can be used for Laboratory use, research, in-vitro diagnosis, clinical tests, and hospital use. This analyzer consists of an embedded high-speed processor with a built-in thermal printer and connection to an external printer for comprehensive quality reports.

In the end, this analyzer has proved itself with its best delivery results as proven by the top reviews of the clinical technicians. With Medsource Ozone putting all efforts into enabling quick delivery and acceptance to the labs and clinics, this analyzer is a great and reliable choice.

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