URA Premio

  • 7” LCD touch screen based powerful yet easy to use interface
  • Onboard multi purpose incubator for reagents, tubes and cuvettes 
  • Supports Coagulation Mode for PT/APTT testing
  • 8 filters onboard including 340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 600, 630nm + 2 open positions
  • Pre-programmed and Validated for Ozone Clinical Chemistry
  • On board thermal printer 
  • Auto sleep lamp function for extending life
  • Best in class ARM Cortex A7 processor for fast processing
  • Built in memory for 300 programs and 2 million results
  • Flow cell + Cuvette Mode
  • Online real time graphs
  • Multiple test modes (end point, kinetic, fixed time, multipoint, clotting etc.)
  • High absorbance range of 0 – 3.3 Abs
  • Modern analyzer with USB as well as Ethernet connectivity
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URA Premio: A state of the art, modern biochemistry analyzer

What is a Biochemistry Analyzer?

When you look to conduct a test, you collect biological samples of blood, plasma, urine, or another from the patient. What you are doing is looking for the right measure of metabolites to find the current numbers of various inculcated elements within the sample. This kind of test can be conducted with the help of an automated machine also known as the biochemistry analyzer. At present, the latest model to conduct the test appropriately is URA Premio by Medsource Ozone Biomedicals.

This instrument is used to collect serum from the centrifuged samples to carry out the right chemical reaction with the respective reagent. Depending on the results achieved, the levels of proteins, cholesterol, sugar, enzymes, and many more inclusions can be noted. These results from the biochemistry analyzer are critical for clinical diagnosis.

How does biochemistry machine work?

URA Premio is a biochemistry machine that accepts samples of that can either from blood, serum, plasma, CSF, urine or other body fluids as per compatibility with respective reagent being used. The machine consists of a several parts including pump, flowcell, incubation module etc. There is a specific reagent required for the testing which is also chosen and brought into the reaction cell. Together the sample and reagent carry out certain chemical reactions at a temperature of 37 micros. In case the desired reaction is not achieved, another set of reagents are transferred (reagent 2, 3, and so on). After a certain duration e.g. 10 minutes, the degree of color change is noted. As light is passed through the solution using the photometer section of the biochemistry analyzer. Electrical measurement of light transmission is recorded. The results are devised through the biochemistry machine after the proper conversion of numbers into desired ranged values.

Important Features of URA Premio

  1. Easy to use user interface with 7 inches LCD touch screen
  2. Consists of a multi-purpose incubator to be used for reagents and tubes
  3. Best utility with complete preprogrammed validation for ozone clinical chemistry
  4. Supports basic coagulation tests such as PT and APTT
  5. Auto sleep function for battery saving and extended lamp life
  6. Best-in-class fast processor with ARM Cortex A7 configuration
  7. In-built memory for more than 2 million results storage and 300 programs
  8. Real-time graphs online feature with results
  9. Very high absorbance range
  10. Advanced biochemistry machine with Ethernet and USB connectivity

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals Presents URA Premio Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

With years of experience under its belt, Medsource has employed the best team of technicians and chemistry specialists to work with the industrial requirements and present the best clinical chemistry analyzer to combat the growing need for sample testing. With the delivery of best-in-class machinery and equipment, every aspect of testing and the quality has improved drastically. One such product that has been deployed in the market with specialized features is the URA Premio Clinical Chemistry Analyzer. This has been deployed for implementation in various high-class testing laboratories, hospitals, and clinics as an upgrade to the existing URA analyzer already being used in over 5000 labs around the world.

Every testing cycle requires manual handling of the flow cell and cuvette cell which is a part of URA Premio on board. This machine has been single-handedly designed to be robust with provisions of longer life sustainability specific to markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It has been given excellent reviews from several users already. With every bit of effort put in by the entire Medsource Ozone Biomedicals teams over the years, the institution has been able to deliver the best quality technological tools to be utilized by the technicians to test the samples with smart efficiency and accuracy. As a result, this delivers accurate results without faults.

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